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Issue 19. Jul – Dec 2019

Editorial.  Pires-O’Brien, J. Friendship then and now – Read

Article. Badhwar, Neera K. & Jones, Russell E.  Aristóteles. Sobre o amor de amigos – Read

Article. Genovés, Fernando R. Montaigne y La Boétie: la amistad perfecta – Read 

Article. Pires-O’Brien, J. George Santayana and his friendship with Frank Russell – Read

Article. Pires-O’Brien, J. Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka and her friendship with Pope John Paul II – Read

Article. Kolenda, Konstantin. The philosophy of George Santayana. – Read

Book Review. TURKLE, SHERRY. Reclaiming Conversation: the power of talk in a digital age. Penguin Press, 2015, 436 pp. Review by Hopkins, Rob: Imagination is our strongest weapon. – Read

Book Review. LANIER, JARON. Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. London, Bodley Head, 2018, 436 pp. Review by Ebersole, Phil, Phil: How social media try to manipulate your mind. – Read

Poetry. George Santayana: Spanish-American philosopher, poet and humanist. – Read 


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