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Issue 20. Jan – Jun 2020

Editorial. Pires-O’Brien, J. Postmodernism is a major threat to the West – Read

Article. Duignam, Brian. A filosofia do pós-modernismo. – Read

Article. Duignam, Brian. La filosofía del posmodernismo. – Read

Article. Berdichevsky, Norman. Como a esquerda vence os argumentos por ‘narrativas’, pós-modernismo e um ‘maior significado moral.’ – Read

Article. Berdichevsky, Norman. Cómo la izquierda gana los argumentos con ‘narrativas’, posmodernismo y un ‘significado moral mayor.’ – Read

Article. Pires-O’Brien, J. What is postmodernism – Read

Article. Pires-O’Brien, J. A que veio o pós-modernismo – Read

Article. Pires-O’Brien, J. A que vino el postmodernismo – Read

Article. Hicks, Stephen R. C. Explicando o pós-modernismo. Estratégias pós-modernas – Read

Article. Scruton, Roger. O fim da universidade – Read

Special Interview. James Cobett interviews Elaine Dewar about the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit of 1992, as she described in her book Cloak of Green (1995) – Read

Entrevista especial. James Cobett entrevista Elaine Dewar sobre a conferência Rio 92, conforme descreveu em seu livro Cloak of Green (1995; Uma demão de verde, 2008) – Read

Book Review. PAGLIA, CAMILLE. Provocations. Pantheon Books, 2018. Review by Pires-O’Brien, J.: Rich conversations of the silent type – Read

Book Review. MURRAY, DOUGLAS. The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray. London, Bloomsbury Continuum, 2019. 280 pp. Review by Pires-O’Brien, J.: Of political identity activism and incivility – Read

Poetry. Noel Rosa (1910-1937), Brazilian composer and lyricist – Read

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