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Issue 16. Jan – Jun 2018

Editorial. Pires-O`Brien, J. Catalonia and the battle of ideas in the 21st century. – Read

Article. Berdichevsky, N. The Catalonia referendum and what lay behind it. – Read

Article. Rodríguez Genovés, F. The batle of ideas. – Read

Article. Rodríguez Genovés, F. An Ortega from within. – Read

Article. Dennis, Kingsley, L. Indo no caminho certo na direção errada. A arte de pensar por nós mesmos. – Read

Book Review. SOWELL, THOMAS. Intellectuals and Society. New York Basic Books, 2009. Reviewed by Gordon, David. Intelectuais e sociedade. – Read

Poetry. Adília Lopes (1960 – ). Portuguese poet. – Read


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