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PortVitoria ISSN 2044-8236

A biannual digital magazine of current affairs, culture and politics centered on the Iberian culture and its diaspora.

Issue 12. Jan – Jun 2016

Editorial. Pires-O’Brien, J. The Knights Out There. – Read

Article. Mota Lima, F. Raízes d Brasil. – Read

Article. Pires-O’Brien, J. O Caminho do Humanismo. – Read

Book Review. WARWICK BALL. Towards One World. Ancient Persia and the West. Sultans of Rome. London, East & West Publishing, 2010. Pires-O’Brien, J. As Conexões Iranianas da Europa. – Read

Book Review. WARWICK BALL. Sultans of Rome. The Turkish World Expansion. London, East & West Publishing, 2012. Pires-O’Brien, J. Os Turcos na Europa. – Read

Poetry. Tito Lucrécio Caro (c.99 – c. 57 AEC). – Read

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Jo Pires-O’Brien
Technical Translations
Portuguese – English